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Arranging professional deep cleaning of your dryer vents will protect your home from the dangers of fires caused by excessive buildup in the vents. Plus complete dryer vent cleaning will allow your clothes dryer to operate more efficiently and dry your clothes faster and better. Homeowners today know there are serious fire hazards that can be tied to excessive lint buildup in dryer vents and hoses. Contact the dryer vent cleaning experts at Premier Air & Electric, McKinney, Texas, for a free consultation and free estimate for our dryer vent cleaning services. We utilize specialized equipment to clean dryer vents quickly, safely and completely.

Cleaning of Dryer Vents in the McKinney, Texas, Area

The most common appliance found next to any home’s washing machine—the clothes dryer—is typically used several times a week or even daily. A clothes dryer is designed to remove the heat and moisture from the drying operation and move it through the venting hose through a vent to the exterior of your home. Often the dryer vent hoses are routed a long distance through a home with multiple bends and turns as it snakes its way from the rear of the dryer to the exterior vent. This long distance, plus the bending and turning in the vent hose is ideal for trapping the lint and other debris generated from the drying operation, attracting it to the walls of the hose.

Over many days, weeks, months and even years, the layers of lint and other debris collects into a thick mat, often obstructing the flow of the water vapor and highly heated air from escaping to the exterior of the home, defeating the purpose of the venting system and sometimes creating an imminent fire danger. The lint and additional debris that continually collects inside the venting hose becomes highly flammable as the high heat passes through the vent, but becomes obstructed by the masses of lint.

Premier Air & Electric offer a comprehensive dryer vent cleaning service that includes a visual inspection to determine if the drying vent system is structurally sound. Plus, we use modern vent cleaning equipment to fully clean the dryer vent. We service McKinney, Texas, Collin County, Dallas County, and surrounding cities and towns, including:

Contact the professionals in dryer vent cleaning—Premier Air & Electric, McKinney, Texas.

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