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Air Filtration

Air Filtration

A professionally installed air filtration system offers an Indoor Air Quality solution that potentially reduces the chances of respiratory ailments such as allergies and asthma, and can help improve the overall health conditions of your home. Solutions to Indoor Air Quality generally fall into three categories:

  1. Mitigate or stop the source of the polluting source. Depending upon what the contamination is, this can be very difficult.
  2. Exhaust the contamination via ventilation methods. The actual incoming air may be polluted by the surrounding environment, such as from exhaust from cars traveling on a nearby highway. Ventilation may not be adequate and may significantly increase the amount and cost of cooling and heating the indoor air since the air is blown through the home or building more than normal.
  3. Get rid of the contamination by filtering the air. Filtration may be the best option when controlling or venting the air contamination is not practical or effective.

A standard HVAC vent filer is not sufficient to provide total Indoor Air Quality. The team at Premier Air & Electric, McKinney, Texas, can help you review the options for the most-effective filtration system that removes the dangerous fine particles from the air flowing into your home from the vents of your HVAC system.

We will help you consider the basic three types of air filtration:

  • Passive air filtration. Passive filters employ a layered fiber filter. Some filters can actually obstruct air flow to a degree that can be rough on HVAC equipment and even risk damage to it.
  • Electronic air filtration. These types of systems electrically charge the particulates in the air and collect them on plates. The assembly can be removed for periodic cleaning to make the system more effective.
  • Active electronic filtration. This type of system uses electronic polarized filters on which particulates will stick. The filters can be regularly replaced.

Air Filtration Service Area for Premier Air & Electric

Premier Air & Electric provides air filtration services for McKinney, Texas, Collin County, Dallas County, and surrounding cities and towns, including:

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