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Kitchen Lighting

Whether your a serious cook or like to prepare a quick meal now and then, proper kitchen lighting is essential. Installing under counter kitchen lighting is ideal to providing adequate light to plan out an elaborate meal or to just make a sandwich or mix a drink. Overhead lighting is important, too, but adding or improving under counter lights provides a great way to light up the work areas of your kitchen.

Call the professional under counter kitchen lighting experts at Premier Air & Electric, McKinney, Texas, to discover the options to upgrade your kitchen lighting. With so much variety in under counter kitchen lighting, we can help you select great lighting options to perfectly achieve the look and practicality you desire.

Here are some great reasons to add under the counter lighting:

  • ¬†Supplemental light. Even with existing overhead lighting, it is highly effective to add lighting directly where you need it onto the counter workspaces of your kitchen.
  • Improved aesthetics in your kitchen. Find out what a difference under the cabinet lights make. Highlight spaces and features of your kitchen with accent lighting.
  • Drop the shadow. Shadows from overhead lighting can produce high contrast areas in your kitchen that create blind spots and unflattering areas. Eliminate these out with under the counter lighting.

Choose from the many options in under the counter lighting, including the bluish light from fluorescent lighting, or the dimmable options provided by warm xenon lighting, bright halogen lighting or LED lighting. We can help you find dimmable, high-efficiency options in under the counter lighting, which is available in strip, puck or disk shapes. There are battery -powered and plug-in under counter lighting options available, but hard-wired lighting should be installed by a professional electrician.

Additional considerations you should think about for your under the counter lighting project are how much energy is the lighting drawing and how much heat does it put out.

Service Area for Premier Air & Electric

Premier Air & Electric provides under-the-counter lighting installation services for McKinney, Texas, Collin County, Dallas County, and surrounding cities and towns, including:

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